Как ухаживать за золотыми украшениями?

Jewelry Care

Jewelry requires special care and handling. It is recommended to avoid contact with cosmetics, household chemicals and perfumes. Also, jewelry should be protected from mechanical damage, in order to avoid scratches on the surface of the precious metal. Fragile jewelry can easily break if dropped or stored incorrectly.

Also, jewelry can darken under the influence of environmental factors: oxygen, water, sunlight.


How to take care of gold jewelry?

Jewelry made of gold can remain shiny and beautiful for a long time if you follow some recommendations:

1.It is best to store jewelry in a casket or bag so that dust and direct sunlight do not get on them
2.After each wear, the jewelry must be wiped with a soft cloth made of microfiber or suede.
3.It is recommended to remove jewelry before cleaning, bathing or going to the bath.

At home, jewelry can be cleaned by dipping them in a solution with soapy water.
For more thorough cleaning, it is recommended to clean the product using a special device using ultrasonic technology.